Forestry Skills Competition 2016

On September 29, the ‘Biodiversity and Adaption of Key Forest Ecosystems to Climate Change II” project by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH organized a ‘Forestry Skills Competition 2016’ in Tunkhel (Selenge Aimag).

In total, 4 teachers, 4 male and 4 female students from the TVET schools in Khuvsgul, Bulgan and Selenge (Sukhbaatar and Zuunkharaa) aimags, participated in the tournament. All of these TVET schools have been receiving technical assistance by the GIZ in recent years.

A participant is changing a chainsaw. ©Photo by GIZ/Frederic Schmidt

The participants had to compete against each other in the following disciplines:

  • Fast Cutting
  • Chainsaw Changing
  • Tree Felling

In the teachers’ competition, the participant from the TVET school in Zuunkharaa (Selenge Aimag) Mr. Ochgerel Ts. won the tournament. As for the TVET students, the two participants from the TVET school in Sukhbaatar (Selenge aimag), Mr. Lhagvabayar and Ms. Saranchimeg, became the 1st place winners.

The TVET school in Sukhbaatar (Selenge aimag) is the only institution that delivers a 2.5-year forestry training course in Mongolia.

As for the overall assessment of the participating TVET schools, however, the TVET school of Agriculture in Bulgan ranked the 1st place.

The ‘Forestry Skills Competition 2016’ was sponsored by the company PSC LLC which is the official representative for the brands Stihl and Hilti in Mongolia. PSC LLC equipped all participants with T-Shirts, caps and backpacks. It also sponsored the main prices for the tournament: 2 new Stihl power chainsaws.

In addition to the competition, visitors had the chance to participate in a series of workshops, such as ‘Charcoal Making and Production’, ‘Tree Climbing and Seed harvesting’ and ‘Chipping wood’.