Festo Didactic joins partnership with Rio Tinto and GIZ in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the world’s richest countries in raw materials, entailing a huge potential of wealth and economic growth. To live up to its potential, Mongolia is in high demand for skilled workers, particularly in technical trades. However, the technical vocational education and training (TVET) sector does not yet have the quantitative or qualitative capacity to meet the current and future demands of the Mongolian industry. Against this background, the project “Cooperative Vocational Training in the Mineral Resource Sector“ in Mongolia (CVT), which is co-financed by the governments of Germany, Switzerland and Australia, the Mongolian Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MoLSW), aims to improve the employability of Mongolian youth and adults in the mineral resource sector as well as related industries.

In November 2015, the global mining company Rio Tinto and Oyu Tolgoi entered into a development partnership with GIZ. Situated in the southern Gobi desert of Mongolia, Oyu Tolgoi is jointly owned by the Government of Mongolia (34 percent) and Turquoise Hill Resources (66 percent, of which Rio Tinto owns 51 percent). Since 2010, Rio Tinto has been the manager of the Oyu Tolgoi project.

The goal of this partnership is to improve the quality of vocational training in Mongolia by improving the capacities of three polytechnic colleges in Dalanzadgad, Darkhan and Dornod to act as “capacity development centers” for selected, mining relevant, technical qualifications. The capacity development centers will not only offer vocational education to students according to international standards and the needs of the industry, but also further training for teachers from other TVET schools as well as unemployed, self-employed and company staff. In addition, the centers will serve as training hubs for Mongolian participants of the international WorldSkills competition in the respective disciplines.

Cover image: Mining site of Oyu Tolgoi. ©Photo by GIZ/Dirk Ostermeier