Mission & Vision

VETP aims to make constructive contributions to enhancing sound environment in TVET and works to foster and promote relations by providing information network to Government, industry, private sector, civil society and professional associations.

VETP will continue to be a resourceful depository of information and consultation. The databases we produce through surveys and research shall remain as primary source for our members to help them make visionary policy and investment decisions. Equally valuable will be the many new features of our website, including our monthly Newsletters.

Examples of our successful collaboration includes the preliminary assessment of skills development in hospitality and tourism sectors for SDC, baseline and tracer study for the evaluation of GIZ CVT Project goals, ’’TVET institutions’ diversification, quality and outcomes’’ Project Survey, Translation and editing of WSC Rule Books for Ministry of Labour, consultancy on ‘’Revising and approving the quality assurance policy papers’’ for STVET-1 Project of the European Union, Development of Vocational Education and Professional Information System for CVT Project, Ministry of Labour and NESRIC.

We believe in order to create large-scale lasting changes, organizations including those in government, civil society, and the business sector, need to coordinate their efforts and work together around clearly defined goals. As such our mission is to create sustainable coordinated action within the TVET sector.

A coordinated collective of partners working together to produce an efficient, sustainable and demand driven TVET sector with a world class workforce.

  • The promotion of a ‘Common Agenda’ for TVET partners to align action.
  • Enabling continuous communication between TVET partners to facilitate collaboration.
  • The promotion of mutually reinforcing activities between TVET partners to leverage each other’s investment and strengths.
  • Enabling shared measurement between TVET partners to maximize positive outcomes.
  • Providing an organization with dedicated staff to support the entire initiative as well as participating organizations and agencies.

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