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As a member of VETP, you will benefit from the following services:

  • VETP publishes the latest information about the Mongolian TVET sector in its monthly Newsletter which is distributed to all members.
  • VETP members can get listed on the VETP website and provide direct access to their official website via links.
  • External and internal consultations, conferences, meetings and other events involving key stakeholders of TVET sector as well as a multidisciplinary set of reports, useful presentations and findings can be directly obtained from
  • Access to project information, data, statistics and investment figures relating to the Mongolian TVET sector in English and Mongolian language.
  • Access to data analysis, reports and research work.
  • Members oriented service package.

Declaration: By signing up as a member of VETP, you and your organization declare to accept the vision, mission, objectives, principles and by-laws of VETP and agree to share non-confidential reports, research works, surveys, policy documents and other type of products of VET projects, programmes and initiatives of the organization you represent with VETP.

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