Training workshop for the best participants of Mongolian Skills Competition

A two-day training workshop was jointly organized by TVET division of MoSLP, CVT Project of GIZ and VETP NGO on April 3rd and 4th of 2017 for the best participants and experts of the Mongolian Skills Competition.

The workshop was organized to discuss the preparation plan of competitors for the next phase and present and distribute comprehensive information on the competition and its rules regulations to competitors and experts. Organizers of the workshop explained about rules, organization and structure of the competition and experts of the previous 2015 San Paulo WorldSkills Competition attended the workshop to share their experience and advice.


From the Mongolian Skills Competition that was organized in 2 phases, starting the first quarter of 2016 two best participants were selected for each trade to compete in the final phase of the competition. The experts that will participate in the October 2017 Abu Dhabi WorldSkills Competition were identified through a selection process and are closely working with the participants to support their professional preparation. The best participants of the Mongolian Skills Competition are students and graduates of Mongolian TVET schools and polytechnic colleges conducting preparation and practical training at their schools under the guidance of experts. The final selection of one competitor to participate in WorldSkills Competition will be conducted through a competitive process in June and July of this year.